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    Art from heart to heart


  • Exhibition "Sketching Connections"

    Are you curious what happens when you send a sketchbook to travel 8246 km across Europe, from artist to artist, allowing them complete freedom in creating an artwork?

    Meet the Artists

    From one heart through another heart to you. Artists have shared their passion and unveiled creative gifts to inspire you.

    Story unfolds

    Rediscovering creativity by curiosity. Creating opportunities for creativity take part is our passion. How we do it? Why? With whom?

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    Strengthening the strings of Love that connect us all depends on us. If you want to get inspired subscribe.

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    Curiosity. The root of the human need to know more. The curious idea to meet European creatives evolved into the Sketchbook Station project.

    The idea was simple. Let's send the Sketchbook to some artists. After artists unleash their creativity in the Sketchbook, i.e. after creating one piece of artwork they forward it to the next artist. This way the Sketchbook travels from one artist to another. Easy as that. It awakens their potential by breaking down the distance barrier and gathers them to create art together.

    We were amazed by artist’s openness to take part in something that unveils their secrets, deep emotions, and how they feel about life. We hope you'll marvel with us upon meeting great minds, lovely personalities and first of all great creatives.




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    Where did it travel? Where is it now? Who's drawing? Track the Sketchbook with Us.



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