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Anastassia Kortsinskaja - The Present Moment: Eternal Journey

Step into the world of Anastasssia Kortsinskaja, an Estonian artist and a creative nomad in constant search of goodness and beauty.

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After Lithuania, the sketchbook has visited another Baltic country – Estonia. There it has reached an eccentric artist who lives a nomadic life.

Anastassia Kortsinskaja was born in 1978 in the city of Tartu, Estonia. Her creative mind and interest in many fields resulted in a prolific education that commenced in the University of Tartu where she gained a degree in Art History. After graduating, she continued her education and enrolled into Art Academy to complete Photography course, then she joined London Royal College of Art where she studied Design History, Costume Design and Textile.

Illustrations of Anastassia Kortsinskaja depict a universe that she is seeing in front of her eyes that very moment. She draws what she sees, thereby creating a painted story of the present moment. In a drawing, her art represents a communicative need, i.e. a tool the artist uses to articulate thoughts and attitudes. Anastassia finds inspiration in beautiful things and stories that take place in front of her, but very often it’s mere coincidences whose content calls for a visual interpretation, namely, art notes on paper. By recognizing art as a means that can impel humanity towards goodness and awaken all the beauty residing deep in us, the artist grasps the possibility of struggle against all ugliness and evil in this world precisely in active artistic participation, either by creating or by perceiving.

Anastassia Kortsinskaja's artwork for Sketchbook Station exemplifies the process of traveling from the initial idea of a journey to its realization. By using watercolor and markers, she depicts content in painting instead of in words, visually logging its meaning. The illustration portrays a girl sitting face away from the observer and looking into the book. Her anonymity directs the observer’s attention to the content of the opened book. Anastassia fills the book with a series of houses she had seen in her numerous travels. All houses have their models in the real world, but are joined in the book as an architectonic vista of a single city as a miniature world. 

Exuberance of diverse architecture from different cities makes an unusual imaginary world whose function is to inspire people to dare to travel. The artist perceives architecture like people; with their characteristic visual features and inner content. Her artwork for Sketchbook Station is a natural continuation of a long series of architectonic portraits that Anastassia makes for many years.

What inspires you most frequently while traveling and what kind of memories do you bring home? Is it people, smells, tastes, atmosphere or is it architecture, as in the case of our artist?

You can find out more about life experience and creative work of Anasstasia Kortsinskaja on her webpage and social network profiles:

WEB | Behance | Instagram

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