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Anna Rubinkiewicz - Trace of Existence: Seal of Corporeality

Meet the artist from Poland who’s in search of a forgotten world of spiritual treasure.

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Welcome Anna Rubinkiewicz, a Polish artist who enriched the Sketchbook with her unique expression based on interweaving of corporeal and spiritual.

Anna Rubinkiewicz was born in 1988 in the Polish city of Kielce. In 2011 she graduated in New Media department of Jan Kochanowski University in her hometown, and she is currently studying Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Up to now she has participated in several group exhibitions out of which she points out three exhibitions held in 2016: Figurama in Katowice and Prague, Kissprint in Warsaw and Mixture of Culture at Frederic Chopin Music Academy.

Anna’s need for artistic expression came out of her inner urge to express her thoughts, desires and beliefs. Instead of verbalising personal considerations, the artist chose visual language as a natural and direct medium of communicating with the world, as well as with herself. The universality of artistic language enabled Anna to face, get to know, and finally accept herself, but also to give herself to others. Art often reflects life and the surroundings we live in that willy-nilly affect us, so is Anna’s artistic expression sometimes materialised in a shriek of disagreement with injustice, oppression and humiliation, and sometimes it reflects a carefree joy of life filled with hope, faith and love.

The artistic process of Anna Rubinkiewicz is often guided by pure intuition. Sometimes work is preceded by elaborating the idea in the form a sketch, but it also very often transforms during the creative process. Instructed by her professor’s wise advice, "listen to the matter and it will guide you", artist approaches matter as a living organism – she handles it, adds, takes, waits, thinks and observes changes that constantly appear and affirm the ripening of the artwork. The intuitive process opens up a space for experiment, so, besides oil, acrylic and watercolor, Anna uses glue, varnish and sand in her painting, while for background, instead of classic canvas, she uses raw cotton, metal plates, cardboard or wood. She often combines painting and drawing techniques using a pencil, rapidograph, charcoal and ink.

From a thematic aspect, artistic creation of Anna Rubinkiewicz is strongly influenced by spirituality. Preoccupation with the mystery of human genesis and belief in the presence of the Most High has directed the artist to explore the physical world and its transience. In recent work Anna takes on a search for her own identity and acceptance of her innate nature. Simultaneously, the artist expresses a kind of rebellion against the ubiquitous emptiness of physical beauty. By analyzing the female body, Anna puts her own spiritual treasure in focus.

The work of Anna Rubinkiewicz for Sketchbook Station continues the cycle Seal of Corporeality in which the artist analyzes the changes of human body in her own example. The painting interprets awareness and perception of the beauty of human body, its delicacy, fragility, as well as its ubiquitous transience. By exploring her own femininity, the artist expressively builds a human body that will become deformed with time, and by consolidating the transient she emphasizes the dynamics and energy of the surroundings we live in and are a constituent part of. By emphasizing the transience of human beauty and the physical world in her works, Anna Rubinkiewicz draws attention to the unity of nature that leaves an impression of a living pulsating organism.

We invite you to think and answer to yourselves on the questions such as do you fear the transience of life, do you consider physical beauty to be more important than spiritual treasure, or do you maybe agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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