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Dajana Radoš - Inside the Matrix: Part of M

Come closer to meet the artist from Croatia and feel the process of making art.

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Sketchbook Station is a creative project of Association for promoting human potential and creative development – Prism that aims to connect artists from various European countries. The connecting medium is a Sketchbook that travels from artist to artist. The jury has chosen the artists through a contest and every selected artist is invited to make one artwork in a technique of his/her choice (drawing, painting, collage, graphic) which he or she then adds to the Sketchbook and sends to the address of the next participant. In this way, the Sketchbook will travel through Europe from one artist to another and be enriched by one artwork on each station. The first and the last station of this creative journey is Croatia where, after the project’s end, an international exhibition of artworks from the Sketchbook will be held. The exhibition is planned to take place in several exhibition halls and galleries throughout Croatia. Selected artists are working zealously, the Sketchbook is already on the road and until it returns to Croatia we will present you the participating authors.

The city of Rijeka is our first stop. Born in 1982 in “the city that flows” (Rijeka means river in Croatian) Master of Art Education Dajana Radoš graduated in 2011 at Rijeka’s Academy of Applied Arts where she is now employed as an assistant in graphics department. Up till now she displayed her works at several solo exhibitions in Croatia and participated in numerous collective juried exhibitions abroad. She is a member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU) in Rijeka and a winner of several acknowledgements and awards for her artistic work.

Dajana Radoš is dedicated to exploration of the graphics media which she also extends to spatial objects, art books and ceramic sculptures. She encounters the impulse for structures and textures of her works in nature as a space of sincere affection and of experiencing her own intimacy.

Although Dajana starts her work with a clear idea of what and how she wants to enact, graphics as a medium is impossible to control fully because it always surprises with its spontaneous outbursts that afterwards become the integral part of a complete artwork. Besides classic graphic techniques of copper etching, linocut, dry needling, reservage and aquatint, Dajana forms sculptures out of clay and wood, as well as creates handmade art books.

By her artistic performance she wants to impel the observer to explore the work more closely, pay attention to details and feel the very process of creating art. Every work is a reflection of something close to the artist, while every observer sees and perceives something else in a specific artwork and motive.

The artwork Dajana Radoš has made for Sketchbook Station is directly linked to her recent works and the Matrix cycle where she explores the mediums of ceramics and graphics.

The focus of the last cycle is the experiment as a principle of exploration of possibilities of the graphic medium and the starting point is a ceramic matrix previously made in clay and polished with a graphic tool. Three-dimensional free forms stand as an independent artwork, while the surface of the clay acts as a matrix for relief print which the author transfers to a new medium. The result is a layering of traces and steps that point to different principles and methods of exploration and experimentation in the media of graphics, including other media as well.

Dajana’s artwork for Sketchbook Station, that will be presented to the audience at the final exhibition, is linked to her hometown. It is a graphic whose texture reminds of marble. Why marble, you must be wondering? Can you guess how her hometown inspired her to create this artwork? As a little hint, we can say that the message is hidden in artwork’s title: “Part of M…”

Photo by Antanas Štrimaitis

“Creativity gives ideas and ideas foster changes”​ - Dajana Radoš

We are curious of your opinion on what creativity is and why it matters in human life?

Find out more about Dajana and her artworks: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK

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