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Dóra Pernyész - Childhood’s Dream: Adventures in Wonderland

Slow your tempo down, stop and think over Dora’s illustrations, widen your world of imagination.

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During its journey through Europe, Sketchbook has dived into the world of children’s illustration in a Hungarian city of Szombathely.

Dóra Pernyész was born in 1991 in Szombathely. She graduated Graphic Design at West Hungarian University in Sopron and she currently works as a freelancer. From 2013 up till now, she has exhibited at many biennial graphic design exhibitions and won recognitions and rewards, including first prize at National Conference of Art Students in 2015.

Since her childhood Dóra has been fond of artistic expression and her parents unconditionally supported her by taking her to art classes and workshops. Nowadays Dóra has a special affinity for children’s illustration with the aim of enriching the visual world of toddlers. In her work, among many children’s books illustrators, Dóra is especially inspired by János Kass, whose work she understands as a dynamic and simulative visual trigger for creative reflection.

Dóra describes her artistic world as full of details, different perspectives and diverse interpretations of different situations. The aim of her artworks is to slow down the tempo of daily life and urge people to stop and think over her illustrations and text or song that visually complements them.

Drawing is preceded by elaboration of a clear idea and creative process begins with a sketch that helps the artist to find the best composition and perspective to illustrate a desired topic. In her work Dóra most frequently uses acryl and pastel chalks that enable her to create an exuberant imaginary world full of interesting details. During her work, initial enthusiasm, curiosity and patience interchange with fatigue, loss of patience and occasional anger which results with determination that the next day is ideal for a new beginning.

In her artwork for Sketchbook Station, Dóra Pernyész wanted to depict a well-known story and chose a book by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. As a child, Dóra adored this imaginative book on experiences of a girl named Alice who falls down the rabbit hole into the world inhabited by peculiar creatures, so she grasped the idea to sum up the whole story in one drawing. We often dream of something we had experienced during the day or had seen before going to sleep, so Dóra put Alice on a black-white carpet to play with cards and her rabbit; and before falling asleep, Alice had read an interesting story. We can interpret the message of Dóra’s artwork as: the painting is just a dream – a starting point, but our imagination can take us anywhere.

Does a child still live in you? Do you allow yourself to daydream in adult life full of obligations and responsibilities? If the answer is yes, where does imagination take you?

You can get more familiar with art of Dóra Pernyész on the web page:

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