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Flávia Rodrigues Piątkiewicz - Colors of Imagination: Staying with the Feeling



Meet a multitalented Portuguese artist engaged in painting, photography, graphics, animation and short video.

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In its long journey Sketchbook has made another stop, this time to meet a Portuguese artist living and studying in Poland. 

Flávia Rodrigues Piątkiewicz was born in Lisbon in 1991. She gained a Bachelor’s degree at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts where she specialized in Multimedia, currently she pursues graduate study at Faculty of Media Arts.

From her childhood Flávia is involved in various kinds of artistic expression, although she was always mostly interested in visual arts. Love for paper has oriented her towards drawing and painting with water based colors. Having a tendency to experiment and explore, Flávia is examining other materials as well as art forms, and, alongside with painting, she starts doing photography. To unite her numerous interests, she explores the field of short video forms and stop motion animation, and she currently works on digital collages and combines traditional photographic techniques with graphic techniques.

Strong inner desire for work impelled the artist to express herself through creative process with an open mind and heart, and to just let things happen. Flexibility and developing intuitive approach enabled her to abandon herself to coincidences that arise during creative process. Similar principle characterizes the content of her works too. Artworks are most frequently interpretations of perceiving the world surrounding her, and very often they transform into layered reactions to events around as well as inside the artist.

The artworks Flávia creates never represent something external, rather they constitute a complete content, i.e. standalone works. The observer interacts with an artwork or with himself induced by perceiving the artwork. The aim is to impel a receiver of art to act because a change in perspective opens new possibilities for action.

Flávia Rodrigues Piątkiewicz acts guided by the motto that by engaging in art we continually practice how to see and how to know. By presenting his artworks an artist instructs others how to see things they have never seen before, but maybe they have felt them. This is how art enables people to embrace aspects of the universe which have never been imagined before.

Intrigued by the possibilities of visualizing abstract ideas, Flávia Rodrigues Piątkiewicz has created the artwork for Sketchbook Station in which she tried to demonstrate the notion of “staying with the feeling”. How does it look when you depict a transient, ethereal and incorporeal impression using watercolors, India ink and markers – you will be able to see in the final exhibition of Sketchbook Station project. Before the exhibition, we let you reflect on how would you paint a feeling and what feeling would it be?

Photo by Antanas Štrimaitis

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