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Greta Mockutė - Cycle of Life: Creation and Destruction

Meet a young Lithuanian artist who will make you question who you are through her depictions of creative, as well as destructive powers of humanity.

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In Lithuania, the sketchbook of Association Prism’s Sketchbook Station project has reached an inspiring painter and interior designer who sees artistic expression as a field of greatest freedom and a chance to be honest with herself and the world.

Photo by Greta Mockute

Greta Mockutė was born 1992 in the city of Biržai in Lithuania. After Arts High School, she graduated design studies in Vilnius, today she works as a free artist and interior designer. As a special achievement she points out paintings she made for album cover and a book by Lithuanian indie rock band Colours of Bubbles.

Photo by Greta Mockute

The artistic creation of Greta Mockutė rests on questioning of social ideas, interpreting thoughts about humanity, but also the deepest and darkest of human emotions, as well as the study of links between action and reaction, respectively, action and results. Greta finds inspiration in people, feelings, new chances and new experiences, but very often in dreams and the unconscious, so in her work we find artworks created as a direct reflection of dreams.

Photo by Antanas Strimaitis

Creative process is defined by emotions that emerge during creation so that certain artworks symbolically mark the closure of a specific chapter or period in life, while others open entirely new possibilities of thinking and acting. Every artwork initializes a different emotion, impossible to predict before the start of creation. Watercolor, with occasional use of graphic pencil, arose naturally as her ideal technique for envisioning the unpredictable and unexpected final appearance of the interpreted motive. In watercolor Greta Mockutė found the freedom of expression that completely suits the freedom of her mind.

Photo by Greta Mockute

In her recognizable technique, Greta Mockutė has also realized her artwork for Sketchbook Station. Guided by dreams, she designed an artwork that reflects man as a great creator, but also as a destroyer of all created, thereby confirming our share in the unending cycle of life.

While Greta Mockutė has found the majestic beauty of life in freedom of creativity, her artwork poses a question to the observer: are we the creators or destroyers of the world we live in?

Photo by Antanas Strimaitis

In pondering over this complex question, maybe you’ll get some help by getting familiar with the character and art of Greta Mockutė more thoroughly:

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