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Iskra Petrova - Sunspired: The Heartbeat of Light

Enter the bright world of Iskra Petrova, a Bulgarian artist who draws her inspiration from Nature and celebrates the abundance of its gifts

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The Sketchbook of Sketchbook Station project has travelled through many European countries to find itself in Bulgaria in hands of a young artist Iskra Petrova who contributed to it with an artwork inspired by a recognizable van Gogh motive.

Photo by Iskra Petrova

Iskra Petrova was born in Sofia in 1990. From 2003 to 2008 she attended a private Fine Arts Academy “Duga” in Pernik. She participated in many international exhibitions out of which she proudly points out an international contest in Egypt where she won a gold medal for her artwork on the topic of “Egypt as seen by children of the world”. In 2014 she organized her first solo exhibition in the Russian Cultural Center in Bulgaria.

Photo by Iskra Petrova

Inspired by the works of eminent artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali and René Magritte, Iskra Petrova entered the world of art with an open heart and soul, trying to unite the forces of the universe and human consciousness as constituent elements of humanity’s spiritual development through her own artistic expression. Affluence and fertility of Mother Nature turned out to be an inexhaustible spring of motives in artistic expression of this young Bulgarian painter. By intensive coloring, Iskra Petrova shows respect for the boons of nature surrounding us, something we often forget living in a busy and technology-burdened world. Following her inner voice, through painting Petrova reflects her own inner transformations, trying to reach the observer’s consciousness by interpreting motives to elicit questioning of existence and the meaning of life.

Photo by Iskra Petrova

Unconcerned by trends and stylistic tendencies, Iskra Petrova creates paintings primarily by contemplating from the inner field of the very artwork – its final appearance and all relations, influences and interactions of elements during the creative process. By feeling painting chiefly as her inner need, in the process of creation she often finds a model for analysis and abstraction of personal emotions connected with people and events that had left a strong impression on her.

Photo by Iskra Petrova

The work of Iskra Petrova for Sketchbook Station continues the celebration of nature through the cult of the Sun and its powerful energy. The necessity of solar energy is demonstrated by Iskra by painting an emanating light that unites and feeds all life on Earth. In order to more easily visualize the artwork described by the artist as “a symbol of peace and birth of a heartbeat”, we share a fragment of the artwork with you, and you will be able to see the entire painting at the final exhibition of Sketchbook Station project.

Until then, we urge you to ask yourself which artists have influenced you the most? Whose artworks were the most memorable for you and why?

Explore the artistic expression of Iskra Petrova:


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