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Ivana Rod - Experience: Space between us

Explore the beautiful world of emotions of Croatian artist

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Photo by Ivana Rod

Born in 1989 in Zagreb, in 2014 Ivana Rod graduated applied graphics in class of associate professor Svjetlan Junaković in Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts. She has received several acknowledgements and awards for her work, out of which she gladly singles out awards from "1st International Biennial of Drawing" in Bulgaria and "1st International Triennial of Student Drawing" in Poland because drawing is her primary medium of expression.

Photo by Ivana Rod

Yet, let us revert the process and start from Ivana’s free time activities. Although they seem trivial at first glance, it is that kind of information that sketches out the most integral image of individual’s personality.

Life is too short to be bored - Ivana Rod

Guided by this motto Ivana uses every moment to learn about herself and others.

Photo by Ivana Rod

She likes travelling, cycling, reading books and spending time in nature. She is happy to hang out with positive people, but she also needs time for peace and silence to devote herself to artistic creation. She appreciates and respects ambitious and creative people, as well as artists who pursue their artistic vocation diligently by constantly improving themselves as artists and persons in spite of all obstacles in life.

The creative process of Ivana Rod is often based on pure intuition. Her drawings are marked by layers and overlaps that often result in appearing spontaneous and unexpected. Expressivity of author’s unique handwriting consists in a rhythm of stains and forms, appearing, disappearing, defined and yet to be discerned forms. Spontaneity in creating drawings is replaced by meticulous elaboration of ideas in the case of art books. 

Photo by Ivana Rod

Everyday life and the society she’s a part of influence her work significantly because, by questioning herself and the society she belongs to, at the same time she is questioning her own borders.

Photo by Ivana Rod

Her approach and method of creation are dependent of every single artwork, so Ivana most often uses a graphite pencil, India ink, color pencils and acryl for drawing on paper, while her art books are defined by mixing of digital graphics in combination with other graphic techniques, with just a few drawings.

Artwork Space Between Us, Ivana Rod’s contribution to Sketchbook Station, abounds with characteristic blending, layers and overlaps. Stains and lines are the basic building blocks, while multilayered, substantially and rhythmically rich composition takes the observer into a world of expression and borderline immateriality. At some points energetic lines transform into stains and bright influence of colors defies dominant blackness.

Photo by Ivana Rod

By detailed description of building elements, we have tried to encourage you to visualise the very artwork, but, to hear more about artwork’s theme from the artist herself, you will have to wait until the exhibition opening.

Photo by Ivana Rod

By using various techniques and experimenting, Ivana Rod explores possible ways for future actions. The reflection of emotions contained in her every work is the way this young artist communicates with the world. Creative process is equivalent to spiritual fulfilment, thereby leaving the mind open to new experience and positive change. Do you think art can make a significant impact on your life, and, if the answer is yes, how?

Photo by Antanas Štrimaitis

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