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Marie Sandahl - Breaking Illusions: Confronting the Truth

Let yourself dive into reality and explore new and different perspectives of life.

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The sketchbook has reached Stockholm and a versatile artist Marie Sandahl.

Photo by Marie Sandahl

Marie Sandahl was born in 1986 in Stockholm. She attended Runö Graphic Design and Communications school and she currently works as a freelance illustrator. She spends most of her time creating art and drawing comics. At the moment, she works on a comic Bidou, and hopes to get it published in the form of online comic by the end of the year. Her best collaboration so far was in 2011 as a graphic designer and illustrator for LGBTQ festival Pride@boulevard in Stockholm.

Photo by Marie Sandahl

Marie Sandahl’s artistic expression rests on unusual codes. Instead of expected nothing of happy and positive moments, in her work Marie focuses on life failures which she then romanticises by creating a tragicomic atmosphere of life scenes. She transforms her thoughts into figurative interpretations on paper. Conscious, unconscious and subconscious, when intermixed, integrated and materialised into a drawing, often manifest through seemingly illogical illustrations filled with surreal motives and bizarre scenes. Author’s subjective interpretations of her considerations are a starting point for exploring new perspectives and interesting visual solutions. An important aspect of her creative process is, certainly, sincerity embedded in her work, often arousing emotions of the audience because facing the truth isn’t always a most pleasurable experience, especially for people who like to live in illusions.

Photo by Marie Sandahl

Contrary to many artists who follow intuition and spontaneity in their creative process, Marie Sandahl has a very clear vision of what she wants to express before she begins creating a new artwork. That is visible from her precise and meticulously made drawings, which she performs by using a graphite pen and a rapidograph because graphite enables her a rich tonal nuancing for building a volume, but also accuracy in depicting a plethora of details and outlines.

Photo by Marie Sandahl

Marie often sketches the same object again and again in order to refine her expression and to analyze various effects of interacting objects, depending on the context they are placed in.

Photo by Marie Sandahl

In her artwork for Sketchbook Station, Marie Sandahl wanted to elaborate a motive that represents an essential purpose of the Sketchbook Station art project. Inspired by project’s idea and vision of collaboration of diverse artists who have their own space for defining and articulating personal artistic expressions, Marie has made an artwork with the motive of pupils hovering in a vacuum. Her intention was to express the act and value of exploring different perspectives and views – as in art, so in life.

Photo by Marie Sandahl

Today we pose you a speculative question inspired by the question Marie has asked other participants of the Sketchbook Station project: Try to imagine a world where art doesn’t exist. How does that world look?

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