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Marija Lovrić - Back to Nature: Overcoming Technological Alienation


Discover the effects of human interaction with technology through interesting artworks of Croatian artist.

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After Switzerland, Great Britain and Sweden, Sketchbook briefly returns to Croatia and into the hands of Marija Lovrić, an artist who takes us into the world of examining the role of technology in contemporary life.

Marija Lovrić was born in 1986 in Zagreb, where she graduated in 2012 at Education department of the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Ines Krasić. She has exhibited at three solo and several group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, out of which she highlights XI Triennial of Croatian Sculpture in Zagreb, Transform “Pandora’s Box” in Thessaloniki and Graphic Triennial in Skopje. She lives and works in Velika Gorica.

Inspired by music, movies and people who surround her, Marija Lovrić creates in various techniques, while she is currently dedicated to the medium of drawing. Combining different techniques such as collage, markers, rapidograph, pencil and acryl, the artist achieves interesting results and grasps new ideas during artistic work.

Intrigued by the process of socialization and social relations, as well as rampant development of technology and its influence on human life, especially in the field of developing communication tools, Marija creates artworks that present her thoughts, problems and situations, possible causes and solutions, as well as human relations.

The trigger of Marija Lovrić’s creative process is the world that surrounds her. It can be a text she has read, words of the poem or inner need for creation. Every event, positive or negative, is a sort of upgrade of itself and its world of ideas, and a step forward towards a wider horizon of recognizing new possibilities.

The artwork is preceded by a carefully elaborated idea that is subject to change during the process, what sometimes leads to unexpected results. Every Marija’s artwork has its own story, although connected by the author’s recognizable handwriting and the intention of intriguing the observer.

Perceiving art as a medium that communicates in universal language and enables individuals to channel their emotions into a creative process, Marija Lovrić indicates that every man is born with the need to create. In this process, we should follow children who – without any blockages – dance, sing, play and express in a most sincere manner, thereby revealing their true nature. As we grow up, we set obstacles to ourselves, smothering our inner child, repressing problems and disallowing ourselves to be free and creative.

With her artworks and reflections, Marija Lovrić points out how we can express more freely and more directly through creativity, how creativity can reduce and sometimes solve problems, crystallize thoughts and realize ideas. Thinking and acting outside self-imposed limits and expectations can result in great positive change in personal life.

In her Sketchbook Station artwork, Marija Lovrić continues to question the effects of human interaction with technology. Taking the key elements of human body and computer – heart and motherboard – the artist constructs a drawing intertwined with a series of minutely depicted junctions, that is integral system parts that should enable its functioning and energy flow. Two completely opposite energies in human actions can result in chaos and confusion. Namely, a human being consciously or unconsciously conveys its energy in communication with another human being, becoming a sender and recipient of the energy code being exchanged between persons. When a person directs his/her creative energy into producing electronic devices, he/she enables its spreading in a new and modified form. Symbiosis of man and technology, as well as increasing human dependence on artificial devices, alienates us from our natural surrounding and our innate perception of it. Choosing technological devices as a main support in life, man becomes dull and starts to resemble the machine of his own creation, thereby repressing his innate nature and instincts.

With a bizarre combination of the incompatible, Marija Lovrić indicates the problems that very quietly and imperceptibly go on in our lives. To tackle this increasing problem, we need to come to grips with the situation and focus on the actions in line with our innate nature.

In the spirit of the topic approached by Marija Lovrić, we ask you in what extent do you depend on present-day technology? Do you think robots and artificial intelligence will replace us in the future or will we realize the value of the world we live in?

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