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Martin Frljić - Dreaming awake: Unconscious feelings

Discover the inner worlds of dreams of Martin Frljić, artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In a rich and diverse choice of artists featured in Association Prism’s Sketchbook Station project we encounter

Martin Frljić, a young versatile artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is engaged in drawing, 3D Art and Street Art.

Photo by Martin Frljić

Born in 1994 in Nova Bila, Martin Frljić enrolled in Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg in 2012. Although he is still studying, currently on the fifth year in a class of Igor Dragičević, Martin was already rewarded for his quality work and dedication and he is the proud winner of Rector’s award for the best student in academic year 2015/16. Also, in 2016 he won the prize for the best drawing by EUIC BiH organisation, what enabled his study sojourn in Brera Arts Academy in Milan.

Photo by Martin Frljić

Martin Frljić started his artistic creation with hyper-realistic expression based on extreme accuracy in representing big amounts of details from reality. The attractiveness of visual experience was the primary goal of interpreting motives from the surroundings. After some time, he felt replete with hyper realism, so he found true freedom in another extreme – dreams and fantasy. As an inexhaustible fountain of inspiration, dreams have enabled the author to explore surreal and deformed motives followed by complex and frequently unexplainable feelings which he transferred on paper.

He uses rapidograph as his main work tool, sometimes in combination with cardboard press, acrylics and acrylic spray, giving special attention to the technical display of twisted and bizarre figures – further accentuating the surrealism of entire depiction in which he finds escape from reality.

Photo by Martin Frljić

Ancient Greeks believed dreams are divine messages that “pour into people to instruct and benefit them”. Psychoanalysts, on the other hand, expound how conscious, unconscious and subconscious constitute the whole of our being. Martin Frljić has listened to his dreams and interpreted them in a rich artistic opus.

Photo by Martin Frljić

While some artists create primarily driven by either positive or negative emotions, Martin is expressing an entire kaleidoscope of feelings with his work. All the negativity that has troubled him and all the positivity he has experienced are transformed into his drawings. When he reached the point where he had cast out all the suppressed out of himself, he has indulged in the sphere of dreams.

Photo by Martin Frljić

Through creativity, we begin to uncover the most beautiful in the world. - Martin Frljić

The artwork Martin has made for Sketchbook Station continues with the subject of the unconscious that prevails in human dreams. By the use of rapidograph, aquarelle and acryl he constructs recognisable surreal motives that strive to probe into the phenomenology of dreams. The aim of writing the dreams on paper is not in describing particular dreams, rather in highlighting the feeling of confusion and unintelligibility of the experienced that dreams often induce.

Photo by Martin Frljić

However, to see how Martin has visualised “Unconscious Feelings”, you will have to be patient until the opening of the exhibition. Meanwhile, ask yourself how much attention do you devote to your dreams? Do you listen to what your subconscious is telling you through dreams?

Photo by Antanas Štrimaitis

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