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Mia Maraković - Artistic Play: A Cloud Full of Questions


When play joins creativity and joy, it becomes love. Meet a playful Croatian artist.

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In the last phase of Sketchbook Station project, the Sketchbook has returned to Croatia to reach Mia Maraković, an artist who records her experiences and reflections in the form of art diaries.

Mia Maraković was born on the first Autumn day of 1990 in Zagreb. She graduated at School of Applied Arts and Design in 2009, and in 2011 she enrolled into Art Education department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she currently studies painting on the second year of graduate program. Until now she has had three solo exhibitions. Her first solo exhibition was held in 2011 in OKO Gallery in Osijek within preparations for World Art Games, while other two solo exhibitions were held in Zagreb: an exhibition “Structures of reality” in Academia Moderna Gallery (2016) and “Circles without a divider” in Pikto Gallery (2017). Mia has also participated in around 20 collective exhibitions out of which she highlights 33rd Youth Salon (Zagreb), Osten Drawing Bienalle (Skopje), November Art Salon of Visual Arts (Serbia) and Student International Art Biennial – SIAB (Skopje). She was the receiver of Rector’s award for the project “Life under the Sun” in 2016, in the same year, one of her artworks was bought within the “Erste Fragments 12” project.

When we would have to choose five words to describe Mia, the words would be: play, emotions, silence, nature, exploration. Mia Maraković is an artist who reacts to stimuli from her surroundings and transforms them into artworks. All she experiences – situations she finds herself in, actions she performs, travel and hanging out with friends – Mia digests during long walks with her dog. Sometimes the chaos in her head prompts her to create as it becomes materialized on the surface of the paper as a challenge to bring in mental as well as visual order. Crucial in Mia’s work is her strong feeling of her surroundings and allowing emotions to be the guiding light in her thought and creative process during forming a new artwork.

Positive energy following the artist is a landmark of her work. Love of life, attention to all those tiny details that make us happy and thankful, and incredible feeling and knowledge that simple gestures, like a sincere hello with a smile, can sometimes be enough to brighten someone’s day. As much as it seems prosaic, they represent an incredible inner drive to create something new.

Art of Mia Maraković reflects her own experiences, interests and inquiries of all she encountered. Theory and hard rules on should-be expected results of a specific artwork are replaced with examination of personal experiences that, as she emphasizes, “form a puzzle in her head and heart”. Play is of decisive importance in the very creative process because it opens a space for surprises and unexpected twists that become a ground for new cognitions during creative work. Or, as Mia says, “when a starting idea, play and surprise intertwine, new worlds are born”.

In her artworks, Mia most often uses acryl, markers, glue for wood, silicon, pens, various oils and collage, that is, all that won’t break or fall off. Her favorite activity is transforming old and discarded books. With her artworks, Mia wants to incite “a cloud full of questions they will answers for themselves forming over people’s heads”.

Mia Maraković’s artwork for Sketchbook Station is a result of play on paper. Play with colors, collage, glue and burning of glue ends with adding a layer of white. Under white membrane texture and colors loom, showing that play is still present and that it doesn’t want to be canceled. On completed artwork Mia glues a band with an inscription that sums up the whole creative process. A literal message of the artwork is written on the band, but behind it lies the thought how we all have at least one dominant wish constantly occupying our mind. What is your lasting thought that follows you through life?

You can find out more about Mia’s art on the page:

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