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Nemanja Đurović - Moment of Liberation: The Ultimate Answer

Meet a Serbian artist who is expressing the eternal human quest for liberation and search for divinity through symbolism

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A young artist Nemanja Đurović has found his place in Sketchbook Station project, enriching it with his distinctively symbolic artistic language.

Photo by Nemanja Đurović

Nemanja Đurović was born in 1995 in Priboj, Serbia. Although he graduated mathematical course in Priboj’s high school, subsequently he focused on art activities and has so far exhibited in two solo exhibitions, as well as in several group exhibitions. He is the proud winner of First prize awarded in the event dedicated to knowledge and artistic creation of youth “43rd Vukov sabor” in Tršić.

Photo by Nemanja Đurović

Man’s eternal search for understanding the deeper meaning of things and phenomena and individual’s need for unity with his inner self have opened the doors of art to Nemanja Đurović. By extremely linear drawing, occasionally reduced to pure surfaces of color, this young artist meticulously creates depictions with distinctive symbolic where nothing is random. Nemanja plunges into deep social issues without hesitation, illustrating desperate and depressed people who feel nothing but great emptiness in their lives.

Photo by Nemanja Đurović

The artist is expressing individual’s inner struggle by using archetypal symbols of the circle and triangle. Alongside repeating motives of the human eye as a symbol of introspection and cut off hands, there is also a motive of the rope as a metaphor of bondage man has fallen into due to his inability to resist his own demons. Occasional absence of hands and clearly defined bodies of human characters contributes to the feelings of despair and weakness, but his drawings often depict that key moment of liberation – the unification with the essential core of life. This spiritual moment of comprehension of freedom is emphasized by the author with red color – the color of pulsating energy which symbolizes life, love and positive emotions. 

Photo by Nemanja Đurović

While drawings are most frequently made with india ink and rapidograph, in his paintings Đurović uses acrylic colors to build compositions.

Photo by Luka Marković

Finding motives for his multilayered artistic world in religion, mythology, history, people and the surroundings, by the way of art the author communicates to the observer primary human emotions such as fear, desire, love, sadness and pain. By line and surface as basic artistic elements and by extreme reduction of color to just three: black, red and white, he interprets the complex and layered story of life by inweaving his own emotions in the fate of main actors in the painting.

Photo by Nemanja Đurović

In recent works Đurović has dedicated himself to the interpretation of saudade, a nostalgic feeling of losing something dear that often includes discontent and the repressed knowledge that what is lost can never be retrieved. This motive, saturated with sadness, melancholy and longing, completely naturally fits into the opus of this young artist who quietly and proudly demonstrates the complexity and depth of human emotions in his symbolic artworks.

Photo by Nemanja Đurović

In the artwork made for Sketchbook Station, with his distinctive manuscript Nemanja Đurović forms the figure of a woman with her gaze pointed towards the personification of the “ultimate answer” to eternal question of the meaning of life. How has Nemanja artistically interpreted the “ultimate answer” and which symbols has he used in his contribution to Sketchbook Station project you will find out in the final exhibition.

Photo by Luka Marković

Meanwhile, we ask you – what is the meaning of life for you? Is there a unique answer to the eternal question or does it vary from person to person?

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