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Open call for Visual Artists

Join us on our exciting journey of connecting European visual artists through a travelling sketchbook. Contest is open until 7th of April.

About the project

We are passionate about encouraging creativity. Not even enormous effort nor exceptional talent doesn’t guarantee success if art doesn't reach its audience. Therefore, we have decided to help European artists by starting the Sketchbook Station project. Every artist contributes one artwork to the travelling Sketchbook which is then sent to the next artist. During the process we promote and share artworks and artist's personal stories on social networks. This project is an opportunity for the artists to present their artistic passion to a wider audience. When the Sketchbook finishes its journey, we will invite the artists to Croatia and organize an exhibition, as well as print a booklet containing their works and biographies.

How it's going to be done?


If you want to join us in this creative journey, we invite you to read the OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS.


The Sketchbook will travel from artist to artist. Artists will create one piece of artwork and forward the Sketchbook to the next artist. We are all connected through the string of Love and we share the Love of Art.


With Sketchbook you will receive information about the next artist who is involved and where you have to forward the Sketchbook.

Apply now

After you fill the application form by clicking on APPLY NOW, send us yours CV and Portfolio on and come back on 10th of April to see the results of the contest.

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