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Petra Bojovski - Merging Ideas: Creative Recycling

Meet an all-around Croatian artist whose opus revolves around the motive of human body

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Among the artists chosen for Sketchbook Station project there is a versatile artist who tailors, sews, paints and draws at home, while at the Academy she explores the world of sculpture and presents her artworks under the name “Fantastična”.

Petra Bojovski was born in 1993 in Koprivnica (Croatia). She graduated at Zagreb’s School of Applied Arts and Design where she gained a rank of textile designer. Now, she is on the fifth year of Art Pedagogy study at department of sculpture of Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka.

Described as “a true artistic soul of a new generation”, during her education Petra Bojovski got familiar with many materials she now uses in the form of illustration, drawing, painting, sculpture, but also in making handbags, backpacks and art jewelry. All Petra creates reflects her thoughts, feelings and experienced situations. Creative process is conditioned by a moment, be it a plethora of unrelated thoughts or be it an absence of thought about anything specific, and that enables the author to simply create what she loves.

Topics of Petra Bojovski’s illustrations differ depending on does she make a free illustration, for herself, or as an order for someone. She usually makes a few sketches and fits them in one artwork – an empty drawing she then fills with color. All illustrations are made in combined technique – drawing, painting and collaging. Following her intuition, Petra freely chooses techniques that fit best the character of a specific situation.

Dreamy illustrations made on old recycled paper have attracted a special interest in the public. Petra has used old French magazines as a base for exploring the ever-changing human body that enables expression of different human emotions through specific postures.

The artist through various media interprets a set of ideas that intertwine and merge daily. Ideas are always here, but what matters is the way they will be realized. A scope of interpretation options was crucial for her choice of sculpture as a main area of work. In sculpture, Petra has found an opportunity to connect painting, graphic and drawing.

Artworks of Petra Bojovski emerge totally spontaneously. The author allows imagination and ideas to freely develop, then she unites them and forms into a whole. Almost everything she creates, Petra makes out of recycled materials she finds by herself. Objects she makes are often enriched with her illustrations and drawings. The artist always works on several projects at once, and the study of sculpture has enabled her to merge ideas, techniques and materials in order to create something unique.

The artwork Petra has made for Sketchbook Station relates to her former work through a recognizable handwriting and motives already featured in her work. Human figure, as a constant motive of Petra’s opus, has a central position in her Sketchbook Station artwork, but there are also elements of Earth and Moon, as well as stylized plant with golden leaves in the background of the human figure. Accentuated symbolic of pre-dimensioned figure dressed in a black cloak holding threads on which motives of planets effortlessly swing, while the plant forms a kind of throne for the figure – it all incites various associations and interpretations. The artwork was made in a combined technique of pencil, acrylic and watercolor, while the title “The Earth is round” can point the observer to the direction of guessing what the author wanted to say, yet it allows every individual to reach certain conclusions by himself.

To personally interpret symbols Petra has ingrained in her artwork, you will have to be patient until the final exhibition of Sketchbook Station project. Meanwhile, we’ll let you think of what associations title “The Earth is round” brings into your mind?

By all means, we invite you to have a closer look into the world of Petra Bojovski:

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