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Rene Grgić Đaković - Passionate Observer: Touching Inspiration

Enter a highly realistic world of Croatian artist inspired by artistic legends such as Da Vinci and Bruegel.

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Penultimate author in enriching Sketchbook Station project comes from Osijek (Croatia). His eclectic approach to painting visually takes us back to the times of old masterpieces.

Rene Grgić-Đaković was born in 1986 in Osijek. After finishing secondary education at School of Arts and Design in Osijek, in 2005 he enrolls at Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts, where he gained Master’s in painting in the class of Prof. Zlatko Kauzlarić-Atač. He won second prize at 18th International Miniature Exhibition Vršilnica in Zaprešić (Croatia); he also participated in many art projects such as Painting of Branimirova street in Zagreb, where he won first prize together with Stipan Tadić; as well, he participated in painting Zagreb’s Travno neighborhood, took part in Festival of Equal Opportunities, painted a mural "IDEA London" in Belgrade; he also painted portraits at Osijek’s Christmas ReArt Festival. Rene has participated in many collective exhibitions and colonies, he had his first solo exhibition with the title Portraits in 2013 in Osijek’s Waldinger Gallery. He is a member of multimedia association Illyrian Dragon.

In Rene’s expression we most often find motives of portrait and landscape. Highly realistic manner of depiction and choice of portrait motives confirm author’s intensive communication with tradition. Standing for traditional painting values is observable from his cherishing of métier and his intent to embody psychological profile of depicted characters. Atmosphere of different stylistic, temporal and worldview epochs results from author’s inspiration by the work of splendors such as Pierro della Francesca, Pieter Bruegel and Leonardo da Vinci.

Rene Grgić-Đaković starts a new artwork with a clear idea that motivates and guides him throughout the process until its final part. During the process, emphasis is not so much on visualizing final artwork, but on reflecting the feeling it will embody. Most often, author paints using the technique of oil on canvass, cardboard or wood, while he draws with a pencil or India ink.

Rene is a passionate observer to whom motivation usually comes in a spontaneous way. Sometimes, only a single moment is enough to make a perfect match, but sometimes motivation grows by aggregating a number of subtle stimuli, so idea ripens in artist’s mind. The goal of Rene’s creative expression is to breathe in life into a newly made artwork.

Rene doesn’t perceive himself as a creative artist, but he thinks of himself as a creative person. In his work, he often faces creative challenges, especially when he works on larger and more complex pieces where the primary goal is to actualize the best possible composition.

To the question is art today marginalized and neglected, Rene answers affirmatively and explains how this is not artist’s fault, but dominant popularity of dumbing-down contents in contemporary world that get sucked in by youth who are like sponges. However, describing not so promising actual situation, Rene adds a quote by great Andrei Tarkovsky – arguing that art can only survive in such conditions because, if everything was perfect, there would be no need for art.

Rene Grgić-Đaković’s artwork for Sketchbook Station is a natural thematic sequel to his recent work characterized by a smaller format and interpretation of motives from the atelier. Rene has painted a drapery using techniques of India ink and watercolor. The illustration doesn’t have a message, rather it depicts a rugged blanket – one of a series of elements found in his atelier.

To form a traditional final question, we ‘steal’ Rene’s question and ask you: “Does artist’s great popularity automatically signifiy great quality of his/her artworks?”

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