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Results of the Sketchbook Station contest #SecondRound

Who has joined the exciting journey of connecting visual artist?

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The second round of the contest has just finished and we would like to share our happiness with you. Artists from Romania, Austria, Russia, United States of America, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden applied to participate in the Sketchbook Station project whose aim is to connect visual artists from Europe through a travelling sketchbook. Among many applications, we decided who will join artists already involved. To find out who is already selected read the Results of the Sketchbook Station contest.


Silvia Golja - Labin - CROATIA

Olena Hryhorieva - Berlin - GERMANY

Timothy Hofmann - Lugano - SWITZERLAND

Marija Lovrić - Velika Gorica - CROATIA

Greta Mockute - Vilnius​ - LITHUANIA

Dora Pernyesz - Szombathely - HUNGARY

Marie Sandhal - Sundbyberg​ - SWEDEN

If you are curious and you would like to find out who is unleashing creativity and where the Sketchbook is travelling follow us on our Facebook page or Subscribe below.

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