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Silvia Golja - Human Body Examined: True "I"

Discover what lies behind human body with Croatian artist who is exploring the truth behind material world.

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Silvia Golja is a talented young artist dedicated to the exploration of human figure – a motive that has also enriched Sketchbook Station project.

She was born in 1993 in Pula, where she graduated Textile Design at School of Applied Arts and Design. At the moment, she is studying Painting at the graduate study of Art Education at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka. Silvia has participated in several group exhibitions, out of which she draws attention to "SuncEEEEE", an exhibition held at 13th Festival of Science, and the exhibition of students’ artworks of Mosaic course under the title “In Honor of Marta and Marin” in Labin in 2016, where visitors could have observed the nudes from the “Horoscope” cycle.

The feeling of starting and creating something new, exploring painting techniques and ways of applying paint, and the very thought of creating a new artwork that will have a specific meaning and incite observer’s feelings – that is what primarily motivates Silvia Golja in her artistic work. In her preceding works, she has mostly focused on exploring the human figure through the forms of auto portrait and nude, thereby exploring the possibilities of expression and interpretation of motives through various techniques such as charcoal, chalk, collage, acrylic, oil and watercolor – in order to, finally, by combining these techniques, realize materiality and plasticity of the human body.

In the “Ballet Dancers” cycle, the emphasis is on elegant and subtle body moves, interpreted by Silvia using the technique of colored India ink and charcoal in order to depict the transparency of dresses and the ease of performance, but also the strength behind every dancing figure. While charcoal contours accentuate the form of ballerina’s flexible body, India ink embodies movement by its free and abstract clusters, thereby envisioning the very center of dance movement energy.

Completely different approach was used in “Horoscope” series of artworks. Human body remained the core motive, but this time in the form of the nude. Silvia uses combined technique of acrylic and charcoal to, through modelling and accentuating specific body segments in different positions, embody key characteristics of a specific zodiac sign. Nudes are expressive, although they maintain a dose of realistic anatomical depiction. The artist highlights that stripping away of clothes is, at the same time, stripping away of our true “I”, that is a portrayal of truth we often hide beneath the clothes.

In her imminent work, Silvia increasingly focuses on the female figure, but also questions the possibilities of different expressions in a series of experimental works, where she explores the possibilities of abstract and expressive interpretations within the figurative motive in order to accomplish optimal harmony and distinctiveness on the verge of abstraction.

In her artwork for Sketchbook Station, Silvia Golja has used different materials and techniques to emphasize the creative process during which she discovers new possibilities of building and forming motives by combining monochromic and polychromic, figuration and abstraction, as well as filled and empty spaces. Curiosity and desire to discover something new and unknown takes her into the realm of experimental, emotional, conceptual and personal. By contrasting different materials and techniques, as well as by exploring their options, Silvia highlights the extraordinary value of a creative process defined by a series of emotions that she inserts into the motive of human figure as an eternal fountain of inspiration for her work.

Through which artistic motive would you express your emotions? Would it be a human body or some other form?

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