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Tihana Karlović - Beyond Duality: Intimate Universe

Croatian artist unveils what lies behind creation of her artworks.

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The next artist we present you in a series of authors participating in Sketchbook Station art project organized by Association Prism lives and works in between Rijeka and Gorski kotar (Mountain District in Croatia). Taking the best of both worlds, Tihana Karlović creates inspired by beauty, subtlety and affluence of nature.

Photo by Tihana Karlović

Duality follows her education as well. Born in Rijeka in 1985, in 2010 Tihana Karlović gained her Master’s degree in Theology at Rijeka department of Zagreb’s Catholic Theological Faculty, while in 2011 she graduated Art Pedagogy, field of printmaking, at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. Tihana also completed the annual postgraduate study of Interdisciplinary Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. Her works were displayed in several exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

Photo by Tihana Karlović

Artistic creation of Tihana Karlović is characterized by a splice of different influences. She is using both eastern and western method of printmaking in her work, with the aesthetically dominant influence of mokuhanga, i.e. Japanese woodcut, while from the philosophical aspect her artistic work is under the firm influence of scholastic-biblical way of envisioning human being as a co-creator.

Photo by Tihana Karlović

In her work Tihana Karlović is focused on exploring that which lies beyond creation. All segments we initially perceive least or perhaps don’t perceive at all can become the most intriguing visual elements of the artwork. The artist perforates prints, cuts and imprints them with different matrixes in various colors and papers, what enables her to investigate and track changes within plans, perforations, play of shadow and light that penetrate through transparent paper and openings, thereby affecting the entire experience of the artwork. The final artwork represents an intimate universe based on a dialogue of elements which can be, depending on the observer’s perception, visible or hidden, respectively, in shadow or a light.

Exploring the area that lies “beyond” enables the recognition of the source of creativity itself. In her work Tihana Karlović lets intuition guide her spontaneously in creation, thereby allowing herself to be surprised by the possibilities that open up during the creative process. The exploration is based on a reflection of nature that directly corresponds with her most personal experience.

Photo by Tihana Karlović

Drawing is the foundation of Tihana’s work and the media in which it is interpreted are prints and art book. The author gives high importance to the artistic story itself, whose imperative is sincerity, and is often a reflection of artist’s very own emotional states and changes. In her work Tihana uses a broad array of drawing tools such as different brushes, blades for woodcut and linocut, various needles for drawing and stitching books, imprinting presses, bones for bending paper and ruler, and in printmaking she prefers less toxic techniques such as embossing and Japanese woodcut.

Photo by Tihana Karlović

The work Tihana made for Sketchbook Station is very personal. It is her first drawing made after giving birth to her first child. A whole new world overwhelmed with emotions is inwrought in Tihana’s work – created while holding her child in her arms.

Photo by Tihana Karlović

Artist whose former opus has abounded with sincere emotions, beauty of life and nature with the primary idea of fostering moral and visual beauty, is now enriched by a new dimension of perceiving the world. Two sided drawing made in a combined technique of ink pencil, collage and woodcut is a reflection of authors current feelings.

Photo by Antanas Štrimaitis

Two-sidedness is expressing a division between love and beauty and, on the other side, fear and excitement for the new and unexpected yet to come. You will be able to see this very special piece of art in the final exhibition of Sketchbook Station project. Meanwhile, we invite you to ponder over some key events in your life and how they have changed you.

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